2019 Baseball Season

Players will be contacted by coaches regarding practices as soon as teams are formed, and coaches are selected. Registration Dates January 19th and 26th from 9:00AM until noon. Fee includes team photo and award.

T-BallChildren 4, 5 and 6 years oldMayLeague & T-shirt Fee: $40R/$50NR
SoftballGirls ages 7 and upJanuaryLeague Fee: $85R/$100NR
Uniform Fee: $65 All Players
BaseballBoys ages 7 and upJanuaryLeague Fee: $85R/$100NR
Uniform Fee: $85 All Players

Bedford Park District promotes positive reinforcement for all athletes where children learn by example to respect other players, coaches, and the officiating staff. All parents/guardians must sign the Bedford Park District Athletics Code of Conduct for their child to participate in our athletic programs.

Watch for flyers attached to our "Happening Now" page on this site for additional information.

Athletics Family Code of Conduct

We hereby pledge that our family will support our team by adhering to the Family Code of Conduct as stated below:

1. We will let the coach be the coach and will respect the coach's decision.

2. We will show interest, enthusiasm, and support for all children on the team

3. We will provide only supportive comments to coaches and players of both teams. We will avoid any derogatory comments. If we have concerns to bring to the coach's attention, we will apply the "24 Hour Rule" before having a respectful, private conversation

4. We will not criticize or question the officials' calls. We will let the officials officiate the game

5. We will not coach our family member during the game

6. We will avoid the use of alcohol and tobacco products at both practices and games and will not attend practices or games under the influence of alcohol or drugs

7. We will remain in the spectator area and we will be in control of our emotions

8. We will help when asked by coaches or officials

9. We will help enforce this code through appropriate means

10. We will vacate the premises if asked by an official for failure to abide by the Family Code of Conduct and we understand that failure to do so will result in our team forfeiting the game