Outdoor Facilities
outdoor facilities

Bedford Park District has a variety of outdoor facilities to accommodate our community's diverse needs, from children's playgrounds and sports fields to our elegant gazebo and ornamental parks.


The Bedford Park District has recently renovated our patio with financial assistance from the Township of Lyons. The new space will be used for various park events and is available for use as a wedding location, small concert option and much more. Contact Anne Borsa for rental information.


Bedford Park District has four ballfields to serve baseball, softball, and T-ball players of all ages. Three of our fields are complete with Musco Lighting. A batting cage with an Iron Mike Pitching Machine is adjacent to the softball field and available for team use.

Field rentals are based on a 15 minute warm-up and two hour game. Game fields will be dragged, lined, and include bases. Practice fields will be dragged and include bases.

Basketball and Volleyball
Resident Fee: $15 per game
Non-resident Fee: $20 per practice
$25 per game


Bike Path
Our bike path is located on leased Commonwealth Edison property. It is located between the Village of Bedford Park and Bridgeview Gardens.

Walking Path
Our walking path begins at the Community Building, winds around the park up to the ornamental parks on Archer Avenue, runs along the bike path towards the east, and finally around the ballfields and Community Playground where all the action is. It is continually maintained with a regular schedule for adding limestone screenings.


Community Playground
Our main playground is located behind Walker School in Bedford Park. It was renovated in 1998 to accommodate children of all ages and complies with the American Disabilities Act.

Gardens Playground
Gardens Playground is located in the subdivision of Bridgeview Gardens and is located along Columbia Drive and Garden Lane. As with all other playgrounds, it complies with the American Disabilities Act and is accessible to everyone.

The Lily Pad Splashpad

Bedford Park District has built an interactive water spray park located on 78th Avenue in Bedford Park. Wristbands are available for a nominal fee for guests ages three and up. No additional fee for adults accompanied by a child. The splashpad will not open when the temperature falls below 72 degrees.

Groups of 15 or more require a permit and use is based on availability. Tables for groups may be available for $8 each and chairs for $1 each. However, events hosted at the Community Building and Swanson Center take precedence. The fee to host a small party of up to 50 guests (adults and children ages 3 and up) is $100 plus the fee for the requested number of tables and chairs.
Appropriate swim attire required.
NO ALCOHOL, glass, grilling, soap/shampoo, outside food/beverages, street shoes, or disposable diapers permitted on the splashpad.

No climbing on fence or spray equipment.

Minimum of 10 guests required to turn facility on.
The Bedford Park District retains the right to close the splashpad anytime deems it necessary.

Splashpad Hours:
Monday Thursday   2:30 - 4:00PM & 6:00 - 8:00PM
Friday 12:00 - 4:00PM & 6:00 - 8:00PM
Saturday 12:00 - 4:00PM

Picnic Pavilion

Plan to host your next family reunion at the Bedford Park District Picnic Pavilion. It is located at the east end of the park district along railroad alley. The open air shelter overlooks the ballfields and can seat 50 guests. A new concession building was added to the north providing indoor plumbing and a kitchen area. A small tot lot is available for use by children of all ages. The pavilion is available May through October. Contact the Administrative Office at 708-458-2265 for more information.

Fish Pond

Our fish pond located on 78th Avenue in Bedford Park is home to a variety of gold fish. Since its construction, it has become the backdrop for many wedding and prom pictures. Please feel free to stop by for your photo opportunity.


Ornamental Parks

Bedford Park District has three ornamental parks, two along Archer Avenue and one on Columbia Drive in Bridgeview Gardens. These parks serve as a respite for quiet recreation and meditation. The parks department keeps these areas beautiful with flowers, trees and shrubs for the enjoyment of all patrons.

These are your parks!

Please walk on the grass, smell the flowers, hug the trees, talk to the birds and sit on the benches ... but remember to

  • Leave your alcohol at home
  • Park in designated areas
  • Get a picnic permit for groups of 25 or more
  • Go home when the park closes
  • Call us if you see anything that needs our attention 458-2265.
Call the Bedford Park District to schedule your next corporate meeting or special event at 708-458-2265.

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