District Map

The Bedford Park District resident boundaries include Bedford Park and Bridgeview Gardens.

Map Key:

1. Administration Office
2. Swanson Gymnasium
3. Lily Pad Splash Park
4. Ballfields
5. Picnic Pavilion/Concession Stand
6. Playground
7. Bike Trail
8. Walking Path
9. Ornamental Parks
10. Gazebo
11. Fish Pond
12. Maintenance Garage

The Park District maintains approximately 34 acres of parks, including 14 acres of property leased from Commonwealth Edison. Community Park is the largest park and is home to the District's Administrative Office, Swanson Gymnasium, Lily Pad Splash Park, Ballfields, and Picnic Pavilion.

These Are Your Parks!

Please walk on the grass, smell the flowers, hug the trees, talk to the birds and sit on the benches…but remember to:

  • Leave your alcohol at home
  • Park in designated areas
  • Get a picnic permit for groups of 25 or more
  • Go home when the park closes
  • Call us if you see anything that needs our attention 458-2265.
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