Board of Commissioners
Board of Commissioners

President: Mike Sawka  (term expires Spring, 2017)
Vice-President: Jack Edwards  (term expires Spring, 2021)
Treasurer: Emily Croucher (term expires Spring, 2017)
Commissioner: Mike Porfirio (term expires Spring, 2019)
Commissioner: Amy Hervieux (term expires Spring, 2017)

The Board of Commissioners consists of five individuals who are elected to represent the best interests of the community. The charge of the Board is to set policies that guide the Bedford Park District. Board members serve a six-year term and receive no compensation for the time they give. They come from a variety of backgrounds but share one common goal; serving the park and recreation needs of the community.

President Mike Sawka

Mike serves as the President of the Board and as the Chairman of the Recreation Committee. Mike is a partner with MULTIVISTA Construction Documentation Company, as well as selling sports memorabilia.

Vice President Jack Edwards

Jack is the Superintendent of Public Works for the Village of Bedford Park. His experience allows him to share his knowledge and expertise as the Chairman of the Buildings and Grounds Committee. He is committed to continuing the excellent rapport that the Village of Bedford Park and the Bedford Park District have.

Treasurer Emily Croucher

Prior to being elected to the Board of Commissioners. Emily worked for the Bedford Park District for 30 years. She is the mother of four children who were active in park programs and grandmother to four. Emily serves as the Administrative Assistant in the Athletic Department of Argo Community High School.

Commissioner Amy Hervieux

New Commissioner Amy Hervieux replaced Patti Wilson, who recently accepted the Director of Recreation and Special Events position with the Bedford Park District. Amy is a 3rd grade teacher at Charles J. Sahs School. She has three children who actively participate in many programs at the Bedford Park District, including but not limited to, athletics, summer camp and many family programs. She looks forward to providing input regarding quality programs for all patrons.

Commissioner Mike Porfirio

Mike is a resident of Bridgeview Gardens and graduated from St. Rita High School. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in History from the US Naval Academy and has two Master's Degrees - Political Science from Purdue University and an MBA from University of Illinois Chicago in 2015. He serves as the Superintendent of Public Works for the Village of Bridgeview.

Mission Statement

The Bedford Park District is a municipal agency established to maintain attractive parks and scenic areas and provide recreation programs for people of all ages. Our main goal is to offer quality programs and services that enhance life experiences through recreational, health, and educational programs today and for generations to come.

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